Name Badges

Our name badges can be
  • re-used.
  • designed by yourself.
  • printed via your own printer.
  • worn with a magnet.
  • worn with a pin.
  • worn with a clip.
  • ordered in various colours.

and done!

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Design your name badge

The design software enables you to design and print your name badges in seconds. No technical skills are required, since the software works with a wizard. This wizard will guide you step by step through the process of designing and printing your badges.

Import excel files, and print multiple badge designs at one… it’s all possible. First want to give the software a try? No problem and download the demo here and select A4, medium and the desired language.


Print your name badge via your own printer

Print your badge design on the insert sheets via your own printer. The sheets contain tabs, which makes it easy to peel off the inserts. Available for both inkjet and laserprinters.

Peel-Off inserts mean you can print only the amount you need at once, and reuse the rest of the inserts later; the sheet can be re-fed through the printer unlimited times. Simply select the insert number from which it should start printing in the software and done.

Insert sheets

Assemble your name badge

To assemble a badge is a very easy process. Just slip one of your customized inserts face-down into a lenscover and snap on a badge plate. Need a new name badge? Simply replace an insert and you have a new badge in seconds.

The badges are thus fully reusable, without compromising the quality of the badge.

Name badges

Name badge with magnet, pin or clip

Uniq Print offers magnets, pins and clips as fasteners. All designed to keep the name badge in place but also lightweight and comfortable enough for everyday wear. However, most customers choose the magnet as their fastener of choice, due to it’s user-friendliness.

When employees have to perform mostly physical labour or wear pacemakers, we recommend the pin or clip as fastener. Any doubts? Then request a free sample to decide which fastener is suitable for your employees.


Uniq Print offers various name badge sizes

Request an informal offer and a free sample today!